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WildKat PR has launched #OpenSessions, a free service offering composers, artists, managers and labels advice and insight into the music industry.

Topics covered include funding, how to get paid for writing music, grand rights and publishing for dummies.

The sessions will be delivered by composer relations and PR executive Naomi Belshaw, who joins the company from PRS Foundation and PRS for Music.

#OpenSessions quick-fire consultancy meetings last for 15 minutes and can be booked via

WildKat is also offering consultancy for composers and small-scale organisations on kick-starting their career, music royalty administration, funding advice and more.

These new services will be made affordable through hourly billing, helping composers to access longterm support and tailored advice from WildKat.

Belshaw said: ‘I am really excited about the prospect of giving tailored advice to early career composers. The landscape of the music industry has changed enormously in the last decade and now a composer needs to think differently about publishing, commissioning and much, much more.

‘For example, the number of young composers being taken on by classical publishers today total less than one per year. As the classical composer “giants” of the 19th and 20th centuries go out of copyright, publishers are having to change their models to survive; taking on composers who cross genre boundaries, write for TV, film and games or only on a work by work basis. Suffice it to say from publishing to recording to promotion, the modern composer has to be much more agile and savvy in the 21st century.’

Kathleen Alder, founder of WildKat, added: ‘I am really thrilled to have Naomi join our team in London. She brings with her a wealth of experience and embodies the WildKat ethos through and through: a love for music and furthering careers in this sector.

‘WildKat has always been the leader in innovating and adapting to challenging times in this sector and I feel particularly the new sort of musician or ensemble need a much more wholesome approach with many elements, such as publishing, thread into their requirements. We are excited to offer such comprehensive advice and services.’

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