George Ezra supports mental health education campaign

High profile figures in the music industry have come out in support of a new campaign that aims to promote and further education on mental health throughout the UK.

The campaign received £250,000 from The Brit Awards and Mastercard for the support of mental health education in UK schools and in the music industry in a ceremony last night at The BRIT School.

Presented by Sony Music UK chief executive  Jason Iley and chart-topping BRIT Award nominee, George Ezra, the bulk of this donation will go to mental health charity Mind to launch their ‘Whole School Approach to mental health’ which will feature a range of schools across England and Wales, including The BRIT School.

This scheme aims to provide mental health support for each and every member of the organisations chosen, including pupils, entire workforce and parents.

Also receiving funding are The BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology, who will use the money to further support dedicated mental health wellbeing and special needs work.

Music Support, a new charity dedicated towards helping addiction and mental health issues within the music industry, will also receive funding.

Speaking of the initiative, Ezra said: I think it’s brilliant that Mind are working with secondary schools to help raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing. Your school years are such an important time and having an understanding of mental health and knowing what support is available can make a real difference. I’m really pleased that the BRIT Awards have chosen Mind to roll out this important project reaching thousands of people.’

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