George Ezra tells fans to choose Three Lions over his own single

George Ezra World Cup

Grabbing a number one single in the UK Charts is a huge milestone for any artist, even to singer-songwriter George Ezra, who has enjoyed his fair share through his career.

So, it may have come as a surprise when last night Ezra began urging fans to knock recent chart-topping single Shotgun from poll position.

The singer appears to have been overcome by the World Cup spirit and feels that Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightening Seeds’ Three Lions is more deserving of the top spot right now, in honour of England’s recent success in the tournament.

Ezra took to social media to thank fans for their support of the single, which is currently enjoying it’s second week at the top of the Singles Chart, but said he would rather see the football anthem claim number one this Friday.

He described the recent success of Shotgun as ‘amazing’ but said: ‘I think it’s time we knock it off the number one spot with Three Lions. We go out and we download and we stream Three Lions, and you know why, because it’s coming home. Come on England!’

Three Lions made it back into the Official Singles Chart Top 40 last Friday, entering at number 24. The song is expected to make a huge climb this week ahead of England’s game against Croatia tomorrow.

If England win against Croatia they will be in the World Cup final for the first time since they lifted the trophy in 1966.

Watch Ezra’s message here.