Harry Escott collaborates with PJ Harvey

Harry Escott

British composer Harry Escott and artist PJ Harvey have collaborated on An Acre of Land, the theme to director Clio Bernard’s latest film Dark River.

Dark River is one of two films featured at last year’s London Film Festival that have been scored by the sought-after composer, and receives its full release on Friday.

Escott and Harvey’s collaboration came about due to director Clio Bernard’s wish to write a song to ‘bookend’ the film.

Bernard asked Escott to draw on folk songs and ballads of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in order to create An Acre of Land.

Harry Escott said:  ‘Recording PJ Harvey’s vocal on An Acre of Land was a spine-tingling experience.’ He further described the experience of writing and recording with PJ Harvey in an interview with M.

The collaboration has been released under contemporary classical label Cognitive Shift, a collaboration between One Little Indian Records and Manners McDade Music Publishing.

Escott scored psychological horror film Hard Candy, directed by David Slade, in 2005. Since then, he has worked with directors such as Eran Creevy on both Shifty, and Welcome To The Punch; and perhaps most notably on Steve McQueen’s debut film Shame.

Harvey is a composer and artist, the recipient of both the 2001 and 2011 Mercury Prizes. She has contributed music to the soundtrack of BBC television series Peaky Blinders and Mark Cousins’ film What’s This Film Called Love? Her latest album The Hope Six Demolition Project, reached number one in the UK charts and was nominated for a Grammy.

Escott describes Dark River as ‘a film that leaves me wanting to take more care of those around me, which is a good thing for a film to leave you with!’

Words: Luka Kenyon