Help Musicians UK announce latest funding recipients

The independent charity will support 57 musicians from across the UK with it 360-degree fund Do It Differently.

The latest announcement marks an increase in the number of individual musicians that represent a mix of genres to receive support.

Help Musicians UK work in partnership with the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) and Think Music to champion the UK’s DIY talent through the Do It Differently scheme.

The Do It Differently fund provides comprehensive support to independently driven music creators, which grants awardees up to £3000 towards creative output and a further £2000 towards one-to-one business guidance and wellbeing tools.

The number of supported musicians has risen from 35 in round one to 57 in round two.

The latest awardees come form across the UK, with seven acts based in London, eight from the rest of England, five from Northern Ireland, two from Scotland and two from Wales.

The latest round is set to back 13 forthcoming albums, four of which will be debuts.

Claire Gevaux, director of programme, Help Musicians UK says: ‘The incredible feedback from round one of Do It Differently offers first-hand evidence of how artists are embracing the holistic approach to their careers. Created through insights into the needs of independent artists, which have led the design of the Do it Differently Fund, we’re hugely grateful for the invaluable advice given by the range of experts through our partners, BAPAM and Think Music, who so brilliantly support that world. Covering topics from business skills to performance coaching, staying healthy on tour and combatting loneliness when away from family, the information shared will undoubtedly go on to be useful for many years to come.

‘As with all funds, Do It Differently is competitive in its nature and though we continue to grow our support and help more musicians than ever before, we also understand the disappointment that artists can feel if they’re not successful. In order to reach and support as many musicians as we can, we will once again be traveling across the UK to offer 1:1 funding surgeries this year, providing guidance and further information on the application process. We encourage interested artists to join our mailing list for updates.’

The latest recipients of Help Musicians UK’s Do It Differently fund are:

Maz O’ Connor
Jasdeep Singh Degun
Rhodri Davies
Red Carousel
The Magic Lantern
Wynona Bleach
Team Picture
New Pagans
Love Ssega
Before Breakfast
Numb Mob
Matthew Grouse
Jay l’Booth
Estée Blu
Matthew Frederick

The third round of funding is due to open in September. For more information, please visit

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