Huge UK artists join MelodyVR roster

Virtual reality

MelodyVR has announced that a host of UK artists have been added to its roster of virtual concerts.

Tokio Myers, UB40, Kasabain, Kaiser Chiefs and current iTunes number one artist, Tom Walker are among the names added to the service, giving viewers the chance to experience their live shows in virtual reality.

Utilising recent technological advances and new commercial availability, MelodyVR places users within the venue and allows them to pick a viewing location from the comfort of their own homes through VR headsets.

The application, which is the only licensed virtual reality music platform, has also just been released in France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Austria and Belgium, having launched in the UK and the US last month.

This announcement comes as Oculus Go headsets, one of two VR headsets compatible with the service, become available to buy in the UK.

Discussing his addition to the roster, Myers said: ‘When you’re out on stage, it can feel like the entire show has flashed by in an instant. So, it’s amazing to re-live those moments in MelodyVR… I’m suddenly seeing the performance from a whole new perspective, standing in the audience’s shoes and they can see it from mine’

Current market forecasts suggest that over 350 million users could be adopting VR technology by 2021, with around $3bn (£2.3bn) invested across various virtual reality companies in the last year alone.