IFPI and WIN announce recording industry data exchange service

The cross-industry collaboration will develop a centralised gateway to supply data in support of timely, accurate and efficient payments of public performance and broadcast revenues to recording rights holders.

The IFPI and the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) are working together to create the Repertoire Data Exchange (RDx).

The RDx will allow record companies and music licensing companies (MLCs) to submit and access authoritative data from a single point.

The IFPI and WIN have selected PPL to deliver and operate RDx.

Whereas record companies currently use a variety of data delivery processes to supply content to MCLs, but RDx will be a single registration point to supply repertoire in a standardised format.

The new system will enable timeliness, accuracy and efficiency of MCLs’ revenue distributions to rights holders worldwide.

The rollout of RDx is expected to start in 2020.

Frances Moore, chief executive, IFPI, says: ‘Record companies continue to invest in and enhance the accuracy and management of music data in many different areas of the industry.

‘RDx is a key example of an initiative that will benefit all parties involved. It will improve operational efficiencies and lower costs for right holders whilst allowing MLCs to retrieve authoritative repertoire data from a single point – enabling more accurate and timely distribution of revenues.

‘We are very grateful to all our MLC and record company partners who are working closely with us on this project. We look forward to bringing on board more MLCs and right holders as we roll out the service.’

Charlie Phillips, chief operating officer, WIN, comments: ‘Performance rights make up an increasingly important part of independent labels’ revenues. With music being globally accessible, our association members’ repertoire travels the globe and sees revenues generated internationally. Historically, supplying complex data into the international network of MLCs has not been straightforward for independent producers and right holders. The international independent sector has, through WIN, supported the development of RDx over several years since its inception. We are delighted that the industry has worked together to create a service for the benefit of all labels and producers. We look forward to working on a joint basis with IFPI as RDx gathers momentum.’

Peter Leathem, chief executive, PPL, adds: ‘In recent years, we at PPL have invested significantly in our technology and data capabilities; as such, our leading role in the development of RDx is complementary to our existing operations. We are well placed to support IFPI and WIN to address the challenges of big data, drawing on our in-house experience in using DDEX, our relationships with music licensing companies around the world, and our expertise gained from managing huge volumes of recording data every week. This is a significant step forward in global data management and we are proud to be powering such an innovative solution on behalf of IFPI and WIN.’

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