Industry welcomes government pledge to close value gap

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Digital minister Matt Hancock MP (pictured) has outlined government plans for greater online regulation to address the value gap, attracting approval from recorded music trade body, the BPI.

Setting out plans for greater online regulation, Hancock said in his Future of the Internet speech this week that the government is committed to ensuring online services take greater responsibility for the content on their platforms.

He also backed calls for the value gap to be closed, enabling artists, songwriters, publishers and labels are more fairly rewarded for their work.

Hancock also cited the music industry as a positive example of how a sector can positively adapt and thrive in the online era.

He said: ‘The impact of the digital disruption is far reaching. Our world-beating music industry has, over a long and painful time, discovered in streaming a new business model that appears to be sustainable and bearing fruit.’

Geoff Taylor, chief executive of the BPI and BRIT Awards, responded to the minister’s comments: ‘It’s encouraging that our government has expressed the firm view that online platforms are not a special case in our society.

‘Rather, they have a duty to act responsibly to prevent harm to others, including creators who own copyright. In addition, the Government has been clear that the Value Gap must be addressed, so that creators can be appropriately rewarded for the value they generate.

‘The Digital minister’s speech yesterday set out clear principles for the Government’s Digital Charter, which will establish a new framework for the Internet that continues to encourage rapid digital innovation and growth whilst fairly protecting the citizens and businesses that use it. This would be fantastic news for Britain’s world-leading creative industries, including music, and for the UK economy as a whole.’

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