Islington Assembly Hall is UK’s first digital tickets-only venue

jane weaver

In a bid to stamp out ticket touts, London’s Islington Assembly Hall has become the first mobile-only venue and will sell tickets solely through ticketing app, DICE.

In a post on the DICE blog, its head of music, Russ Tannen explained: ‘In a world where you can travel internationally using just your phone, we believe this is not a step into the future but simply the present.

‘When venues ditch tout-friendly paper tickets and embrace mobile, literally everyone wins except for the touts. Islington Assembly Hall is the ideal venue partner, it’s an iconic London venue with a forward thinking team behind it.’

The move follows recent criticisms from MPs over Google’s advertising of secondary ticketing sites such as Viagogo.

Set up in 2014, the DICE app allows music fans to buy tickets which are locked to their account and simply requires them to show their phone at the door.

It also enables users to get refunds for sold out nights they can’t make, up until moments before the gig.

Islington Assembly Hall’s business manager Lucinda Brown said to NME of the venue’s decision: ‘We’re so excited to be working with DICE and to be leading the way as a music venue offering mobile-first tickets.

‘Through this partnership, we are making a stand against touts and allowing fans to have more control.’

Artists including Jane Weaver (pictured), Nadine Shah and Hue and Cry have upcoming gigs at the venue. Visit DICE for full listings.