Lethal Bizzle: ‘I use music as a business card’

LethalbizzlewebMusic is a ‘business card’ to attract audiences to gigs rather than just a means of making money, grime MC Lethal Bizzle has said.

The songwriter made the comments during a panel session at the Ultimate Seminar at the Westminster University.

Responding to a question about whether music was now just a marketing tool to sell other products, he said: ‘The music industry has changed over the years. I don’t look at singles to make money from. I use it as a business card to get people to come to a show, or buy a t-shirt. Maybe in the last two years, I’ve made a lot of money from clothing.’

Lethal Bizzle was talking on a panel featuring Rinse FM’s Carly Wilford, fellow grime MC and songwriter Kano and Femme.

He also discussed his success as an independent artist and his use of social media as a way of widening his fanbase.

‘Don’t use it to keep trying to sell things to people. With me, I don’t try and shove things down people’s throats. It’s about building a relationship with your fans and engaging them. You can show off your different interests and build a real relationship with them.’

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