M launches Studio Week


M magazine studio week

This week we’re celebrating the power of the studio and the role of the producer with a whole host of interviews and how to guides.

We were at the Music Producers Guild Awards back in February speaking to some of the best studio heads in the business. Despite the increasing use of bedroom technology, it’s clear that the role of the producer and engineer is more important than ever in helping songwriters and artists make the most of their music.

The event was the seventh of its kind and the biggest one yet, suggesting that the role of these back room experts is increasingly being recognised by the music industry.

Running from 4 – 11 March 2015, our Studio Week includes exclusive interviews with winners from the awards, engineers from Abbey Road Studios and some of the best musical ears in the UK and beyond:

Top tips for bedroom producers & DIY artists
Grammy Award winning producer Steve Levine reveals his top tips for bedroom producers, including how to best set up your room, record vocals, capture acoustic instruments and make that perfect demo. Watch now

Interview: Mandy Parnell
Bjork producer Mandy Parnell gives her perspective on the industry and offers advice for upcoming talent.

Interview: Lauren Deakin Davies
Lauren Deakin Davies is an 18 year old record producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s starting to make big waves in British folk – not least because she’s a young woman who knows her way around a mixing desk. Read her story

Interview: Robbie Nelson
Sound engineer Robbie Nelson from RAK Studios tell us how he went from studio tea boy to Grammy winner with musical hero Beck.

Mastering at Abbey Road Studios
Mastering engineer Geoff Pesche tells us why mastering is a crucial stage in the recording process. Watch our video interview.