Mixcloud launches ‘fan-to-creator’ subscription service

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Mixcloud has launched Mixcloud Select – a ‘fan-to-creator’ subscription service that allows creators to set their own price for radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts.

The first phase of the service has gone live today (4 December) with subscriptions from DJs and tastemakers including Afrojack, Lefto, John Digweed, Soho Radio and Clash Magazine.

Mixcloud Select uses a ‘flexible channel-based’ subscription model. Creators receive a share of profits from their subscriptions, while artists, labels and publishers played in their shows also receive royalty revenue.

The service follows the audio streaming platform’s recent licensing deals with record labels including Warner Music Group, as well as ICE – the joint venture launched by PRS for Music and its German and Swedish collecting society counterparts.

Commenting on Mixcloud Select, Nikhil Shah, co-founder at Mixcloud said: ‘There’s a lot of creative energy that goes into crafting a DJ mix, radio show or podcast in order to inspire listeners, and until now, these creators have been left out of the revenue mix.

‘We’ve been working hard to design a model alongside the industry that recognises the value these creators bring to the music ecosystem, and today we’re excited to share this with the world.’

Nico Perez, co-founder at Mixcloud added: ‘Mixcloud Select is our pioneering move toward building a fair and sustainable ecosystem that works for audio creators, artists and listeners.

‘We want to enable fans to get closer to the culture and communities they care about, while ensuring that everyone involved in the creative process is recognised and rewarded accordingly.

‘Through building the Mixcloud community, we’ve identified a strong trend around loyalty and depth of engagement between listeners and their favourite audio creators. These fans can now take the next step by directly supporting creators’ livelihoods.

‘In turn, this leads to increased discovery and more income for artists, who are at the core of Mixcloud. We’re excited to continue bringing creators and fans closer.’

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