MMF launches accelerator programme for managers

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Music Managers Forum (MMF) has partnered with YouTube Music to launch the Accelerator Programme for music managers.

The new independent fund will support independent artist, songwriter and producer managers based in England and Scotland through the early stages of their career.

It is aimed at individuals in full or part-time employment, looking to make the leap into full-time music management with their own company.

Twelve-month grants of up to £15,000 are on offer, as well as extensive training, mentoring and advice from industry professionals delivered in partnership with CMU Insights and Music Ally.

The programme’s consulting partners include Urban Development, Small Green Shoots, I Luv Live and Generator, while partners providing business support include Harbottle & Lewis, Sheridans, Simkins, Simons Muirhead & Burton, Music Insurance Brokers and SRLV.

First round applications must be submitted by midday on 31 October. For more info, and to apply, see

Fiona McGugan, MMF general manager, said: ‘The role of music management has undoubtedly been elevated across the past decade. It’s a challenging profession, and a good manager needs to be across all aspects of their client’s business – be they an artist, a songwriter or a producer. However, many managers also face financial uncertainty, particularly in the early stages of their career, and we fear that without proper support the music industry will lose vital talent from across the country.

‘By partnering with YouTube Music, the Accelerator Programme offers a way of addressing this dilemma.The programme is for managers who are already building a track record, and our aim is to encourage applications from across England and Scotland, from all genres and backgrounds, and to leave a lasting legacy that serves a whole generation of artists.’


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