MMF report calls for greater transparency on ‘digital dollar’

MMFThe Music Managers Forum (MMF), the professional voice of managers and their artists, will publish a report calling for greater transparency surrounding ‘the digital dollar’.

According to the new study, titled Dissecting The Digital Dollar, more than a third of artist managers want more transparency surrounding digital revenue streams.

A further 28 percent revealed that the safe harbour legislation in the US and Europe was the main focus of their work.

Less than 10 percent of artist managers have been told the components of the labels’ streaming deals for their artists.

The study sets out to explain how streaming services are licensed and how gross digital income is shared between each stakeholder in the wider music community.

Jon Webster, MMF chief executive officer, said ‘With streaming services now a key revenue for the music industry, it is time for everyone involved in the creation of music to be involved in the debate around how this market evolves.

‘The way labels and publishers license the streaming platforms is complex, which has hindered that debate to date. Through our new report Dissecting The Digital Dollar, we hope to educate artists and managers, to inform ongoing discussions and to identify the questions that the industry at large needs to answer.’

The report is written by Chris Cooke of CMU Insights and will be published on 13 October 2015. Its release follows nine months research with 30 digital music experts and 50 artist managers in five markets including the UK. .

The report outlines seven key issues, then poses 15 questions for artists, managers and their music business partners to answer.

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