Music educator is a ‘critical’ role for managers

TGE 2015

TGE 2015Educating songwriters on the music business is one of the most important roles for managers, a music industry expert has said.

Music manager Alex Martin from Crown Talent made the comments as part of the Record Labels: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful panel session at The Great Escape in Brighton.

Alex stated that education on the industry and how it works is very important for new acts looking to define their sound and aesthetic.

‘There’s no reason for a new artist to know the ins and outs of the music business,’ he explained.

‘In this way education from managers is critical and means that later down the line, neither artists or managers will have problems.’

Commenting on those acts wanting to work with record labels, Alex also emphasised the importance of managers and artists working with an imprint in harmony.

He said: ‘When we look for these deals, we look for a really great champion, someone to sit alongside us who will get as excited as you about the music. I want to work with someone who loves it and believes in it as much as artist and manager. Those three triangular points can work really well if in harmony.’