Music most talked about subject on Twitter

Twitter music logoTwitter has changed the way we talk about things.

For example, television has once again become a communal activity, with pretty much every television program having its own hashtag and conversation building up around it. We talk about food and going out, and know which places our friends like to frequent thanks to technologies like Foursquare. And everything we say has gotten shorter (at least on Twitter, with 140 characters per tweet, if you please).

However, the subject we like to talk about most on the social network is music. In fact, five of the ten top trending topics for 2011 were all music related according to Twitter.

It’s no wonder so many people are tweeting about music either, with the top five most followed accounts all being artists. Unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga dominates the top spot with 27.5 million followers, Justin Bieber with 25.6 million, Katy Perry with 23.4 million, Rihanna at 23.2 million followers, and Britney Spears with a comparatively paltry 19 million followers.

But as well as the top dogs, it is also very easy to break out as an emerging artist and cultivate your own audience. Twitter was designed to let the world know what you are up to and stay informed about the activity of others, and it is inherently “social”. Putting on a gig? Why not live tweet from back stage with pictures and videos, and tie the evening together with a hashtag for some fan engagement? Just released a new single? Tell the world, and even embed an ITunes player link in your tweet.

The possibilities are endless. Stay tuned for our comprehensive guide to Twitter for songwriters, coming soon on M online.

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