Music-led mental health portal announced

An innovative new platform The Mind Map is set to launch tomorrow (Wednesday) to provide young people with subsidised counselling, free mental health services and resources.

The platform will predominantly serve people aged between 16 and 30 and will offer access to a magazine that features interviews with music artists and sports athletes around the issue of mental health.

The Mind Map have already announced that Sleaford Mods, Blossoms, Idles, Skinny Pelembe and The Big Moon will feature in the publication.

In addition to the support offered to young people, The Mind Map are training mental health first aiders at venues country-wide, including the 100 Club and Independent Venue Week.

The Mind Map aims to promote a ‘New Normal’ where people can talk about their emotions with a view to creating dialogue and reducing stigma around mental health.

The magazine contains interviews where artists talk about a range of issues including anxiety, grief, life challenges and mental health issues.

Sleaford Mod’s Jason Williamson said of the band’s involvement: ‘We spoke to The Mind Map as opening up about mental health helps reduce the stigma.’

Phil Bridges, Founder, youth mental health first aid instructor and adolescent mental health university lecturer commented: ‘We all have mental health, good or bad. But our research uncovered what we suspected—that young people don’t feel they have access to the support they need.

‘Our latest quantitative study into online mental health provisions showed a staggering 88.5 percent of students at Liverpool John Moores University felt that there were not enough online provisions available.

‘We have also brought together our first wave of BACP accredited therapists who specialise in adolescent mental health. From August, we will be recycling the economy by reinvesting our profits back into our community, supporting those who have the most need and making therapy available for free to those who can’t afford it.’

For more information about The Mind Map, please visit tomorrow when the platform launches.