Music managers are ‘key to brand and band success’

TGE 2015

TGE 2015Music managers are key to the success of bands and brand partnerships, a music industry expert has said.

Cassandra Gracey, creative director of branding at Turnfirst Artists, made the comments during the Make Better Brand Partners at The Great Escape.

Commenting, Cassandra said: ‘Management’s power is increasing as they are the connection with so many things and brands want to associate more with artists.’

‘Everyone has to work closely together. And you need to remember that 80 percent of the suggested collaboration don’t happen. We can’t over expose our artists so we have to knock back a lot of stuff.’

She also explained how these relationships can help an artist enter a new territory.

‘China is somewhere where Rita Ora’s clothing has done really well but she hasn’t really begun releasing music over there. Her fashion is spearheading her presence rather than her music.’

Adrian Pettet, chief executive officer, added that brands are no longer a dirty word for bands.

‘Today the power of the consumer has changed,’ he stated. ‘We don’t have a radio station everyone listens to or weekly music papers. Instead social media is the most powerful platform. And brands need to be careful as they have so much power. Coca Cola is in more places than anyone so integrity has to be at the heart of it.’

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