Music marketing needs to focus on ‘engagement’

TGE 2015

TGE 2015The objective of music marketing needs to now focus on fan engagement, a music industry expert has said.

Will Hope, director of Label Relations at Spotify, made the comments during an opening address as part of the Reinventing Marketing for the Streaming Age panel at The Great Escape.

He said: ‘Previously music marketing objectives focused on getting more fans. Now the emphasis is on getting the fans and keeping them engaged.

According to Will, it’s more important to value fans over sales as this will help artists enjoy success in the longer term.

He underlined the importance of playlists on streaming services in helping market artists and how programmed playlists on Spotify play a key role in the discovery of new acts.

As part of the address, Will explained how Spotify worked with Hozier to help expose him and his music to a wider audience.

He said: ‘We used different pieces of content, whether was a live session or EP release, and structured them over time. There are different engagement parts driven around the album.’