Music Venue trust announces it now has 50 Patrons

Five years since its launch, Music Venue Trust has built a roster of key supporters, including artists, broadcasters, politicians and music industry figures, and they have now announced five new supporters.

The new supporters are: Skindred, Holding Absence, Sound of the Sirens, BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart and deputy leader of the Green Party in England and Wales Amelia Womack.

Their support takes the charity’s number of patrons up to 50, which will aid their work in protecting, securing and imporving grassroots music venues.

Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1, says: ‘Artists need these venues to learn their trade. F1 drivers don’t start out on the Silverstone track in a perfect car, you have to earn it. 15 years later and I am still putting on shows in slightly larger venues throughout the country. The reason being that you can drum up an energy and a vibe in those smaller rooms better than you can in the bigger ones. Nothing will ever beat being flung across a moshpit, losing a shoe, getting showered with a random projectile pint of beer.

‘I feel strongly about the protection of these places because if we don’t chain ourselves to their metaphorical gates then where are the next generation going to play? The Tesco’s or Gastro Pub built in its place?’

Amelia Womack, deputy leader, The Green Party, commented: ‘Grassroots music venues are vital assets to our cities, towns and villages and are hubs of musical communities. They don’t just benefit the local economy but are a place to experience new ideas and avenues for meaning that would be lost otherwise.

‘I feel like I grew up in Le Pub in Newport. Here I experienced live local music and felt part of a community of music lovers. Sadly, the importance of culture and independent business has often be devalued by Government policy. We must protect small music venues in the name of our cultural heritage, as well as to support future generations of musicians and music lovers.’

Abbe and Hannah, Sound of the Sirens, added: ‘These smaller venues are the first steps of the ladder that all Musicians must climb. There is no journey without them. They represent an opportunity for everyone to access Music, to watch Musicians grow, to meet band members.

‘We have had the opportunity to watch Coldplay and Mumford and Sons supporting bigger bands in a small venue on our doorstep. This was incredibly inspiring. These smaller venues are where the magic begins and if we lose these wonderfully creative and accessible hubs ….it will change Music for everyone.’

For more information and to see all 50 patrons, please visit

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