MusicTank to explore creators’ rights in digital world

Music TankMusicTank is to host a seminar exploring creators’ rights in the digital landscape and the impact of music streaming on artist royalties.

Taking place on 10 November at the University of Westminster, the event will examine increasing pressures on the royalties of creators as music consumption moves from ownership to access.

A paper by Fiona McGugan – Making Available, Communication To The Public & User Interactivity will be a central part of the debate, considering the evolution of communication rights that overshadow conventional distribution and reproduction rights.

Keith Harris, MusicTank chair, University of Westminster, said: ‘It is important for the whole industry to get right the payment levels for creators in the new environment.

‘Their work is after all at the heart of the whole construct.  A voluntary, sensible agreement about payments and payment structures would make so much more sense than the need for legislative intervention, which might end up being the alternative, as the business model starts to teeter.’

On the night Keith will be joined by Alexander Ross, Wiggin’s partner, Benoit Machuel, FIM general secretary, Horace Trubridge from the Musicians’ Union and Fiona McGugan at FAC and MMF.

Visit the MusicTank website to find out more and book a ticket for the event.