New BPI report reveals how AI is impacting the music industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how artists write music as well as how it is marketed to fans, a new BPI commissioned report has revealed.

Music’s Smart Future: How will Artificial Intelligence impact the music industry? written by music industry analysts Music Ally and revealed at a BPI event, explores how this fast-emerging technology is changing the ways in which music is made and discovered.

The study explores developments in AI-driven music composition on Flow Machines software including how the technology was used to create a music video for Brian Eno’s song The Ship; and Symphonologie, which uses AI to help create a symphony to be played by a human orchestra.

At the same time, streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer utilise AI to analyse users’ behaviour and to understand the relationship between songs. Record label A&R and marketing teams are also using ‘big data’ analytics to predict consumer reactions and shape their campaigns.

Geoff Taylor, BPI and BRIT Awards chief executive, said: ‘AI is no longer the province of science fiction.

‘This fast-emerging technology is beginning to transform how music is created, discovered, shared and enjoyed. AI is enabling the creation of hyper-personalised playlists using contextual data and deep analysis of the relationship between songs, while artists and labels are now using chatbots to engage fan-bases in campaigns. Algorithms are also beginning to influence the composition of music, as artists embrace the technology to enhance their own creativity. This raises profound questions about the nature of music and humans’ connection to it.

‘Music’s DNA is closely entwined with technology and record labels are already exploring how AI can help to bring artists and fans closer together.’

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