Plan B and MNEK appear at Big Music Project

MNEKwebPlan B, Chase and Status and MNEK were among the British artists to appear at the Big Music Project Live.

Organised by the BPI, Global Radio and UK Youth, the Big Music Project Live took place on Saturday (4 October) and saw the stars come out and perform at the all-day event at the Brewery in Clerkenwell, London.

More than 1,000 young people attended the event which also offered panel sessions with industry experts discussing production, social media and the current health of the music business.

Commenting, singer-songwriter MNEK said: ‘The Big Music Project gives young people access to producers, managers, set designers, artists and a load of other industry insiders who are at top of their game.

‘It can be difficult to know where to start and this project gives young people who are passionate about music, knowledge and hands-on experience.’

Geoff Taylor, BPI and BRIT Awards chief executive, added: ‘This project is big in name and in nature and it has taken months of preparation to bring this series of events to fruition with all the artists, organisations and professionals involved.

‘BPI and the BRIT Awards are so proud to be part of a project that offers paid work opportunities to young people as well as practical advice, guidance, education and skills development to thousands across the UK.’

The Big Music Project Live will now move to Cardiff on Saturday 11 October and to Belfast on Saturday 18 October.

Visit the Big Music Project website to find out more about the initiative.

Look out for exclusive M content from the panel sessions.