Playing music boosts staff morale in Birmingham

PRS for MusicPlaying music in the workplace boosts staff morale and creates a better working environment business owners in Birmingham and the West Midlands have claimed.

80 percent of small to medium sized businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands said that staff morale is increased by playing music, research from MusicWorks, a joint initiative of PPL and PRS for Music, showed.

According to respondents, the playing of music at work makes staff and customers happier, raises productivity levels among the workforce and has a positive impact on sales.

Almost a third of business owners in both Birmingham and the West Midlands said they would consider turning the heating down at work rather than stopping the playing of music.

Paul Clements, director of Public Performance Sales at PRS for Music said: ‘Playing music has huge benefits to business owners and customers alike, and these results from the West Midlands show that people running businesses in the region really value hearing music in the workplace.’

Christine Geissmar, director of Operations, PPL, said: ‘We know that music at work has many benefits and the research shows how highly it is valued among business owners and managers. Many would even prefer to be colder at work than turn off the music!’

MusicWorks has been researching the impact of music on the workplace since being set up in 2009. More information on the project can be found at: