PPL and SAMI partner with Auddly


PPL and SAMI have partnered with tech start-up Auddly to improve the way royalties are distributed and song metadata is registered.

The agreement has led to the creation of a performer verification mechanism which will allow members of the UK’s PPL and Sweden’s SAMI to retrieve their International Performer Number (IPN) from Auddly’s app or web-based tool, and ensure their names are correctly linked to recordings – in turn improving the accuracy of royalty payments.

Auddly’s founder and chief executive, Niclas Molinder, said: ‘Capturing this data accurately and completely from the start enables CMOs (collective management organisations) to allocate money to performers, so this is a significant step towards securing correct compensation.

‘Early data identifiers are key in order to form a sustainable music industry and this is an important part of making Auddly the global reference point for all song metadata.

Peter Leathem, chief executive at PPL commented: ‘Everyone in the music industry benefits from improved sound recording metadata management. Robust standards and effective identifiers reduce the cost of processing data and improve the accuracy of returns to performers and record companies.’

Stefan Lagrell, chief executive at SAMI added: ‘Improved sound recording metadata and effective unique identifiers for performers enable us to be even more effective in monetising performers rights and collecting for Swedish performers around the world.’

Auddly was founded by Swedish world-renowned songwriter and composer Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA), Grammy award-winning songwriter Max Martin (Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake) and Niclas Molinder (songwriting and production duo TWIN), who also leads the company.

Earlier this year, Auddly signed a long-term licensing agreement with PRS for Music to make the service free for its members from 2019.