PPL partners with Sound Credit for improved music credits

PPL has joined forces with the Sound Credit platform, which will now allow a performers’ International Performer Number (IPN) to be added to the recording’s metadata.

The platform makes it easier for creators to collect, edit and deliver music credits and this additional functionality will ensure more accurate contributor information.

The new initiative is one of a number of collaborations that PPL are embarking on to improve the accuracy of recording metadata to help support music creators.

Inaccurate metadata can prevent performers from being properly paid by collective management organisations (CMOs) when the recording is used.

The information is most accurate in the studio, so allowing IPNs to be included in the metadata of a recording during its production means performer line ups can be correctly logged.

PPL members who are also Sound Credit users will be able to verify their membership through the platform and their IPN will be added to their Sound Credit profile.

The IPN number will allow PPL and other CMOs to accurately identify and pay members.

As Sound Credit is used by thousands of producers and engineers around the world, the partnership will mean performers are properly credited for their work.

The new functionality is available now.

Peter Leathem, chief executive officer, PPL, says: ‘In order for performers of all levels and roles to be properly paid for their creative work, contributions to a sound recording need to be logged accurately. An IPN uniquely identifies a performer, and allows their work to be traceable throughout the music ecosystem, from studio to CMO database to its eventual usage. By integrating PPL’s IPN verification service with Sound Credit tools, we are helping more performers who put their time and effort into creating music get paid. Collaborations with music technology companies like Sound Credit are a natural extension to our own in-house expertise. By combining our technology infrastructure with that of Sound Credit, and others, we are getting music people paid.’

Gebre Waddell, chief executive officer, Sound Credit, adds: ‘Our company’s aim is to revolutionise the supply chain for recordings, and ensuring correct metadata at a track’s source is integral to this goal. Without such data, we cannot be sure that the right people are being paid by CMOs when a recording is used. With an IPN identifier in Sound Credit, we can indelibly link a performer with a sound recording and its usage.’

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