PRS Foundation announces Estonian Keychange Inspiration Award winner

Anne Erm and Vanessa Reed

Jazzkaar Festival’s director and art director, Anne Erm (pictured above left), has been announced as the Estonian recipient of PRS Foundation’s Keychange Inspiration Award.

Keychange is a collaborative European programme led by PRS Foundation, which aims to empower women to transform the music industry, as well as encourage music festivals to reach a gender balance on their stages by 2022.

The Keychange Inspiration Award honours and celebrates women who have made an extraordinary and pioneering contribution to music.

Erm set up Jazzkaar Festival in 1990, which is now regarded as the biggest jazz festival in the Baltics.

Describing it as ‘a great honour’ to receive the recognition, she said: ‘I’m proud where Estonian jazz stands today and am sure it will continue blooming and inspiring young generations.’

Vanessa Reed (pictured above right), chief executive officer of PRS Foundation and founder of Keychange said: ‘Keychange partners are delighted to present this award to Anne who shows what can be achieved when you’re passionate about creating something new and are prepared to take the risks that implies.

‘We’re also pleased to see Anne’s impact on the next generation through our involvement with Merli Antsmaa from the Jazzkaar team in the Keychange programme and Helen Sildna’s recognition of Anne’s impact on her own success story with Tallinn Music Week.’

Helen Sildna, head of Tallinn Music Week festival added: ‘Huge congratulations to Anne Erm who deservedly receives this award in recognition of her stamina, resilience and decades of inspirational work with Jazzkaar Festival and in developing the music scene in Tallinn, Estonia.

‘Anne’s dedication has been a huge inspiration and encouragement to myself and our team in setting up Tallinn Music Week 10 years ago. Jazzkaar has been a role model to us as well as great colleagues in pushing forward the Estonian music life. We have been able to learn from the best.’

Erm receives the award following BRIT Award winning singer-songwriter Dua Lipa who was presented with the inaugural Keychange Inspiration Award in February 2018 ‘for her influence on young women and for being the most nominated female artist in the history of the BRIT Awards.’

Photo credit: Marianne Ubaleht