PRS for Music announces anti-piracy success

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PRS for Music’s new anti-piracy tool has made a significant impact in the fight against copyright infringement, with more than 57,000 successful take-down notices issued to offending websites.

The organisation published statistics for its new Member Anti-Piracy System (MAPS), an anti-piracy system launched in March earlier this year.

According to a post on its Digital Blog, MAPS has located over 1.9m URLS for sites linking to or hosting PRS for Music repertoire with 57,000 take down notices issued to infringing sites.

In the post, PRS for Music’s Sharan Ghuman said: ‘We have received positive feedback from many users stating that MAPS ‘works really well’, and that they ‘have had some good results’.

‘We believe the more our members use it, the more infringements will be detected, as the tool is constantly evolving.’

The collecting society launched the initiative in collaboration with the Publishers Association as part of a bid to boost its anti-piracy efforts.

MAPS works by tracking and enabling users to request take down of PRS for Music repertoire made available to the public on unlicensed and infringing sites. It also allows users to send take down notices to Google, which has the power to remove search results.

Read the full story on PRS for Music’s Digital Blog.