PRS for Music launches Music Makeover 2017

prs music makeover

PRS for Music’s Music Makeover 2017 competition for pubs and salons has launched.

This year the Pubs and Salon competitions will be running in parallel with both open for entries until Friday 24 February.

Businesses have the chance to win up to £10,000 worth of music equipment, plus invaluable guidance from live music experts and an exclusive launch event featuring performances from PRS for Music members.

Brighton-based salon Simon Webster Hair was a recent winner of the prize, receiving new sound equipment as well as advice on installation from audio expert and music producer Steve Levine.

The prizes available are below:

Music Makeover Pubs
1st prize: £10,000 (plus consultancy and launch event)
2nd prize: £5,000

Music Makeover Salons
1st prize: £5,000 (plus consultancy and launch event)
2nd prize: £2,500

Visit the PRS for Music website to find out more.

Watch the launch video with Steve Levine outlining how important music is to businesses.

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