Rachel Fuller to premiere Animal Requiem at UCLA Royce Hall

The British composer and pianist will present her tribute to animals that have been loved and lost for its US premiere, which will feature her husband and special guest Pete Townshend.

The orchestral performance will take place on Saturday 26 October and will also include LA’s Tonality Choir, The Hollywood Studio Orchestra, Bruce Sledge (tenor), Caroline McKenzie (soprano) and Jane Lynch (narrator).

For Animal Requiem’s last track Paul McCartney allowed Fuller to overdub strings onto the Beatles version of Blackbird, and the performance also includes Saint-Saën’s Carnival of the Animals.

Fuller was inspired to compose the piece after losing six dogs to old age over a span of five years.

Animal Requiem was also in part created to raise awareness of animals affected by cruelty, negligence and abuse.

All profits from album and ticket sales are being donated to animal charities and small independently run animal shelters around the world.

Rachel Fuller says: ‘Animals are a huge comfort and extraordinary company. They’re non-judgmental, they love you unconditionally… Being able to say a proper goodbye gives you some form of closure. I thought we should have that for our animals.’

For more information, please visit ucla.edu.

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