Retailers’ trade body reveals plans to boost music business


The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has identified five key points that will help drive growth in the music, video and games businesses.

In a new publication, Entertainment 5.0: Delivering the Future of Entertainment, the trade body outlines the need for increased diversity, and the importance of putting creators and consumers ‘front and centre’.

The report details four ages of entertainment – 1.0 (analogue), 2.0 (discs), 3.0 (digital disruption) and 4.0 (today’s multichannel world) – and then identifies the five key challenges required to deliver ‘Entertainment 5.0’, the future:

Maintaining diversity – the key to maximising access and choice
Sustainability – fairly rewarding retailers and digital services
Enabling licensing – the route to innovation
Modernising the supply chain
Putting consumers and creators front and centre

It follows ERA’s first manifesto, Shaping the Future of Entertainment, which published in February 2015.

The association directly credits that publication and its central theme of collaboration for the launch of a series of successful promotions, including the forthcoming National Album Day, which takes place on 13 October.

Newly-elected ERA chairman James Morton said: ‘The first ERA Manifesto succeeded in giving a new focus to our activities and paving the way for a series of collaborative initiatives with our partners in the music, video and games sectors.

‘This new publication comes at a buoyant time for the entertainment sector with sales in the first half of 2018 up eight percent on the same period last year thanks mainly to the innovation of digital services and retailers.

‘We are confident that if we continue in the same spirit of collaboration, we can unlock even greater growth, fulfilling our mission of bringing entertainment to the UK public.’

The new ERA Manifesto can be downloaded from

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