Rock ’n’ rolling politicians MP4 have released an EP in support of Musicians Against Homelessness, launching it at a star-studded gig inside the Houses of Parliament on 25th October.

The EP, entitled MP4 EP5  features five original tracks – including the lead Do You See Me?, co-written by PRS Deputy Chairman Writer Simon Darlow and Kevin Brennan.

Do You See Me? is a poignant and moving plea to passers-by written from the point of view of a rough sleeper.

The band (pictured above with Feargal Sharkey and Simon Darlow) said: ‘When Musicians Against Homelessness approached MP4 to put on a gig in the House Of Commons we knew we had to say yes. Not only did we agree to their request, but also we pledged to release a record to highlight the cause. Homelessness is a complex issue requiring more political action. But we also know, as a cross-party group of MPs, that to get results we need to keep awareness high.’

Download the EP here:

Watch the video here:

MP4 are the only band in history to have been granted permission to perform in the State Rooms of the Speaker’s House in the Palace of Westminster.

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