Sarathy Korwars heads up new PRS Foundation residency in UAE

sarathy korwar by fabrice bourgelle

Jazz innovator Sarathy Korwar is to undertake a PRS Foundation and British Council organised residency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The immersive programme, which takes place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, will allow Korwar to work in collaboration with local partners to create new music and reach a new international audience.

While there he will work with organisations including The Fridge, an independent promoter and studio space, and New York University Abu Dhabi Arts Center.

There will be opportunities for performance, collaboration with local artists, insights into local culture and society, and introductions to influential local and regional music contacts.

The one-off residency takes place following the success of the British Council and PRS Foundation’s Musicians in Residence China programme, which began in 2011 and has so far seen musicians including Imogen Heap, Oliver Coates and Mira Calix take part.

Korwar said: ‘I feel incredibly honoured and grateful for this opportunity to spend time collaborating with musicians/artists in the UAE. I’m looking forward to creating new music that embraces a complex and composite identity and challenges pre-existing ideas of traditional and contemporary music.’

Cathy Graham, director of music at the British Council said: ‘I’m delighted to be extending our residency programme with PRS Foundation into more countries. We’re thrilled to be working with the very talented Sarathy, who will be exploring the UAE in all its tradition and modernity, and connecting with its diverse communities. We look forward to experiencing Dubai and Abu Dhabi culture through his eyes, ears and new music.’

Vanessa Reed, chief executive of PRS Foundation added: ‘Congratulations to Sarathy Korwar on being selected for this new residency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

‘This is a unique opportunity for Sarathy to create music with communities he may not otherwise have been able to collaborate with. I very much looking forward to hearing the outcomes from the residency and following the impact it has on the next phase of Sarathy’s career.’

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