Sony Music and Dubset Media strike deal to legalise unofficial remixes

Sony Music has entered into a partnership with digital distributor Dubset Media to clear and monetise samples of its music used in unofficial remixes and shared on streaming platforms.

Under the deal, Sony’s master recordings will be indexed by Dubset, so that the firm can track usages of the record company’s songs in DJ mixes and remixes via its MixBANK technology.

This will allow rightsholders to be compensated, even if just a tiny snippet of their song is used in a DJ set or remix – and will also legally clear the remixes.

Stephen White, Dubset Media chief executive, said in a statement: ‘This is a watershed moment for Dubset that demonstrates how critical the MixBANK tool and programs are proving to be with rightsholders.

‘Hundreds of millions of music fans are streaming DJ and remix content, and labels, publishers and performance societies need robust solutions for managing the use of their catalogues within this massive category of under-monetised music.

‘We are honoured that Sony Music has selected Dubset to help identify and unlock the value in these uses of their catalogue.’

Bob Barbiere, the company’s chief strategy officer and senior vice president of global licensing, added: ‘Poorly monetised user generated content (UGC) has already cost the music industry billions in lost revenue.

‘DJ sets and remixes, like original music, must be independently registered, tagged, and cleared before entering any subscription music streaming service – which up until now has not been possible. At Dubset we have solved this problem.’

Andre Stapleton, senior vice president of digital partner development at Sony Music Entertainment, said: ‘We have worked closely with Dubset on a deal that not only protects our artists, but also provides us with the tools to harness new revenues for them, while amplifying the popularity of the original master recordings at the same time.’