Squeeze Musical Heritage plaque is back

Fans of Squeeze and local historians of south-east London will be pleased to know that the PRS for Music Squeeze Musical Heritage Award plaque has been returned to it’s rightful place.

A crack team of workmen turned up to the Greenwich Dance Agency, arriving in the PRS for Music white van to restore the plaque to the site of Squeeze’s first gig.

The PRS for Music white van drivers

The plaque had been lying lonely in storage while planning permission to mount the musical marker was sought from Greenwich council following the grand unveiling in March 2010.

In addition to Squeeze, PRS for Music have honoured Blur, Jethro Tull, Dire Straits, Snow Patrol, Elton John and Status Quo with Musical Heritage Award plaques at the site of their very first gigs. The plaques celebrate the iconic artists as well as the venues that gave them their first break.

You can find out all about the Squeeze Musical Heritage Plaque here.

If you would like to go and have a look at the plaque at the site of Squeeze’s first gig, you can find it here.