‘Is Technology The New Beatles?’ asks MusicTank

MusicTankSq 140x140MusicTank’s forthcoming Is Technology The New Beatles? event will explore the impact of technological innovation on the music industry.

Taking place on 16 September at the University of Westminster, the session will see a number of new tech companies discuss the future of the sector and what the relationship between tech and music could look like.

Author, entrepreneur and digital consultant Jeremy Silver will be on hand to introduce the session. Companies including instrument manufacturer ROLI, content delivery platform Immersive Album and Musion, the company behind the creation of the infamous Tupac hologram, will all make presentations.

Keith Harris, chair of MusicTank, said: ‘A chance conversation with Kevin Godley, in which he came up with the phrase ‘technology is the new Beatles’, has led to the idea of exploring whether technology has the ability to inject the same kind of new vitality into a flagging record industry as the Beatles did to the business in the early sixties.

‘We intend to explore the idea of whether the much maligned march of technology can in fact be the major industry driver over the next couple of years.’

Visit the MusicTank website to find out more about the event and how to get tickets.