The Stranglers honoured alongside grassroots venue with PRS Heritage Award

The legendary punk group returned to the site of their first gig at the Star Inn in Guildford for the unveiling PRS Heritage Award plaque.

The band, who are best known for hits including Golden Brown, No More Heroes, and Peaches, made the pilgrimage back to Guilford to recognise the venue that gave them their first break.

Founding members Jean-Jacques Burnell and Jet Black were in attendance along with keyboardist Dave Greenfield, who joined the band in 1975, and Baz Warne, the band’s current vocalist and guitarist.

Jean-Jacques described that first live performance as a ‘disaster’ but praised the Star Inn for supporting bands in their infancy, saying, ‘It’s been there for years, it’s done a lot of good for the music scene.’

The venue is currently under threat and faces a noise abatement order following a complaint from a developer of a neighbouring block of flats.

The pub’s manager Georgina Baker argued the venue was ‘crucial’ in the development of burgeoning acts.

Prior to the plaque’s unveiling Nigel Elderton, chairman, PRS for Music said: ‘These gentlemen need no introduction. Today we’re here to do two things, one to honour a fantastic, iconic venue The Star Inn, which has helped young bands for many, many years, hone their craft from small beginnings to becoming major international acts like The Stranglers.

‘Along with that goes the fantastic history and iconography of a fantastic band. I’m delighted. It’s a great pleasure and privilege to welcome you here.’

Since that first gig at the Star Inn in 1974 The Stranglers have achieved 23 top 40 singles and 18 top 40 albums.