Tom Hingley to host UK food poverty gig

Tom-Hingley-for-webTom Hingley, former frontman with Madchester indie band the Inspiral Carpets, is hosting a gig to raise awareness of food poverty in the UK.

Taking place on 13 October (running 13:00-18:00), Tom will headline the show in aid of food banks with all proceeds going to the Trussell Trust.

Tom will perform songs from both his solo career and his stint as frontman of the Inspirals while support will come from the likes of Louis Barabbas, The Lottery Winners and Snowapple.

Tickets cost just £3 and booking fee with all ticket holders asked to bring in food items to donate to Salford Central Food Bank.

Tom said: ‘This is an attempt to raise awareness of one of the most pressing issues in present society: UK food poverty, and to collect food for those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves hungry in a horn of plenty.

‘The ability to eat regularly and good quality food is a basic human right. It is self-evident that no rich, sophisticated western country such as the UK should have children, women, men, the infirm and the elderly going to school/work/bed each day without a full belly.’

Visit the Ruby Lounge website for more information on the forthcoming gig.