UK artists achieve record share of LP sales in North America


The success of acts like Adele and Sam Smith has helped UK artists achieve their highest-share of album sales in North America, new BPI figures show.

According to the music industry organisation, this share of sales has never been greater, including during the time of the Beatles-led invasion during the sixties.

The statistics revealed that UK artists accounted for more than one in six of artist albums purchased in the US and one in five of those bought in Canada.

Geoff Taylor, BPI and BRIT Awards chief executive, said: ‘The drumbeat of British music success in North America just keeps getting louder. British acts such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Mark Ronson have become part of the music mainstream in both the US and Canada – as popular as any home-grown talent, and their sustained success has opened the door to a new generation of UK artists coming through.

‘Alongside the outstanding talent of our performers, UK record labels play a key role in this exports success story, investing around half their revenues in signing and developing artists and promoting them to a huge global audience now made more readily accessible by the rapid growth of streaming.’

The BPI’s analysis of Nielsen/Billboard sales data for 2015 shows that 17.6 percent of artist albums purchased in the US were by British artists. This figure is up substantially from the 12.2 share percent reported in 2014 and is the highest on record since the BPI began its annual survey in 2003.

The BPI estimates the share has never been greater, including the time of the Beatles-led invasion of the sixties.

Visit the BPI website to find out more.


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