UK labels want to ‘remain’ in Europe’, says BPI survey


The majority of UK record labels are keen for Britain to remain a member of the European Union (EU) ahead of the forthcoming referendum.

Findings from the survey, which took place 25 April – 6 May, revealed that 68 percent of participants wish to see the UK remain in the EU.

Up to 90 percent believe it is important for the UK to remain in order to influence copyright framing rules that govern the sale or use of British music in Europe.

A further 70 percent said the EU was either ‘very’ (50 percent) or ‘quite important’ (20 per cent) to their future prospects.

Geoff Taylor, BPI and BRIT Awards chief executive, said: ‘British music is riding high and now accounts for a quarter of the total market in Europe for recorded music. This success helps to create jobs in the UK and fund exceptionally high levels of investment by British labels into new music.

‘A strong majority of the UK labels we polled believe that remaining in the EU is critical to their business and that leaving would risk harming their future prospects.

‘Music and the wider creative industries are a major success story for the UK economy. Given the importance of exports to Europe to our business, we believe that the prospects for British music are brighter if the UK remains within the European Union.’   

BPI analysis for its British Music in Europe 2015 report showed that, including the UK, where home talent claimed well over half (54.7 percent) of sales, British artists accounted for more than a quarter (25.9 percent) or one in four of all the albums purchased across Europe in 2015.

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