UK Music Boss warns PM of Brexit risks

UK Music’s chief executive officer Michael Dugher has written to Teresa May to outline the potential threats Brexit poses to the UK music industry.

In his letter to the Prime Minister he defined three major areas of concern and said he was “deeply worried” about the risks to UK music industry which contributes £4.5bn a year to the UK economy.

The first of the organisation’s principal concerns was freedom of movement of people, which in their view will make touring unviable for many artists due to costly bureaucracy post-Brexit.

Dugher criticised the Government’s recent Immigration White Paper as presenting a “crude skills and salary threshold,” and suggested a “touring passport” that acts as a waiver for visas and permits would help mitigate the adverse effects.

He also highlighted how changes to freedom of movement of goods, and the possible introduction of a carnet, could raise costs for touring musicians and asked the Government for further clarity on the matter.

Finally, he raised the issue of the copyright legislative framework and urged the Prime Minister to protect UK domestic legislation that is based on Directives emanating from the EU.

In conclusion Dugher wrote: ‘We look forward to continuing to work with your Government to ensure that our artists, musicians and crews can continue to tour the EU, that we protect the UK’s domestic live music sector, that we guarantee goods can move seamlessly between borders, and that we maintain a legal intellectual property framework that remains robust and can drive growth.’

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