UK Music to launch new Music Academic Partnership data hub

UK Music

UK Music has unveiled details of a new music industry research hub for members of its Music Academic Partnership (MAP).

Jo Dipple, UK Music chief executive, made the comments as part of the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) Student Sessions in collaboration with UK Music events at this year’s Great Escape.

Commenting, she said: ‘UK Music will give our MAP institutions unique password-protected access to a research hub within our own UK Music website. From this protected area, students, lecturers and all members of our MAP, can dip straight into UK Music’s data bank and unlock the resources there.’

Addressing BIMM students and alumni, Jo added: ‘You are the future of the music industry and right now the industry needs you to come on a journey with it. We cannot know what our destination is. Ten or fifteen years ago, we didn’t know that streaming was going to be the major music distribution method. However, with resource and collaboration, together we can make this new journey, whatever the destination, good for you and good for British music.’

UK Music is currently collaborating with BIMM tutor, Phil Nelson and BIMM Brighton students on a research project about Brighton as a music city.

MAP is a collaboration between a select group of educational institutions and the membership of UK Music with a focus on preparing individuals who want to build careers out of their passion for music.

Visit the UK Music website to find out more.


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