UK Music Video Awards now open for entry

UK Music Video Awards 2016

The UK Music Video Awards (UKMVA) 2016 is now open for entries accepting submissions from video makers from across the globe.

Taking place at the London Roundhouse on 20 October, the event honours those who create music videos from the blockbusters for the global superstars, to the low budget gems created for up and coming artists.

Submissions are now being accepted for a range of awards covering different music genres and also various roles in the music video making process – including direction, production, camerawork, animation and post-production.

Alongside categories, this year’s edition of the awards also comes with a fresh focus on seeking out new filmmaking talent. Five video categories are now aimed at newcomer directors creating music videos for five thousand pounds or less.

David Knight, UKMVA editorial director, said: ‘With music videos playing such a huge role in how music reaches people now, the UKMVA provides an important platform for recognising the incredible range of talent involved in making them.

‘Music video has always been a playground for up and coming filmmakers, and creative space for visual ideas. It can incorporate all kinds of filmmaking, and it can also have its very own film language. In music videos, as in music, anything goes. It just has to work. The UKMVA is here to celebrate the work that does exactly that.’

The awards are now open and accepting entries in over 30 separate categories, including genre-led awards, as well as specific technical and craft awards, and awards for individual producers, directors and commissioners.

Visit the MVA website to submit an entry. The deadline is 2 August.