‘Unbearable’ tinnitus to blame for drummer’s suicide

inspiral carpets band

Inspiral Carpets drummer Craig Gill committed suicide due to long suffering anxiety and sleep deprivation caused by acute tinnitus, an inquest has heard.

Rose Marie Gill, the wife of the musician, told an inquest in Heywood, Greater Manchester, that her husband’s only concern in life was the tinnitus from which he had suffered for 20 years.

Shortly after the coroner returned an open verdict, Gill issued a statement urging for greater awareness of the condition.

In it, she said her husband’s tinnitus became ‘so unbearable he felt there was no cure’, and called for more understanding and support for the condition and the wider issue of men’s mental health.

‘His condition affected his day-to-day well being and he suffered in silence with both sleep deprivation and anxiety,’ she continued.

‘Instead of reaching out, on that day in November, Craig made the saddest and most tragic of decisions.’

Craig Gill’s debilitating condition was caused by long, repeated exposure to loud music in his job as a professional musician and DJ.

His body was discovered by his wife in their Saddleworth home on 20 November 2016.

The coroner said that although it was clear he had taken his own life, she was unable to record the verdict of suicide because she was not sure ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ that he had intended to kill himself. There was no suicide note or evidence of self-harm.

For more about tinnitus and how to protect your ears, please see the British Tinnitus Association website – https://www.tinnitus.org.uk/



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