Viagogo fails to overhaul business practices

The secondary ticketing website Viagogo has failed to meet the today’s (Friday) deadline of implementing substantial changes to its practices required by a court order served in November 2018, according to Fanfair Alliance.

The court order required the business to stop misleading users about the availability and popularity of tickets.

It also ordered Viagogo to ‘clearly and prominently’ disclose information about seat location, restrictions of use, face value, and whether the seller is a business or connected to the event organiser or Viagogo.

The Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) have reportedly investigated other secondary sites and found they have complied with the changes within the stated deadline.

FanFair Alliance, which leads the campaign against industrial-scale online ticket touting, reports that Viagogo have only made minor changes to their site and so they will now begin collating and submitting further evidence to the CMA.

In a statement Adam Webb, campaign manager, FanFair Alliance says: ‘As of this morning, Viagogo was under strict instruction to overhaul its business practices. Based on our findings today, they have failed to do this. Although a few minor changes have been implemented, some of which may add even more confusion for consumers, we would be astonished if the site is compliant with the terms of its court order.

‘FanFair Alliance urges all music fans to avoid Viagogo. Its practices are an affront to audiences, to artists and to the law. We feel the CMA must now step up and take urgent action.’

Sharon Hodgson MP, member of parliament for Washington & Sunderland West, and chair of the APPG on Ticket Abuse, added: ‘I’m disappointed, but not surprised, to find this morning that Viagogo has not made any drastic changes to its unscrupulous practices that rip off fans. This is after a long-running and costly enforcement investigation, and after the CMA secured a court order demanding a substantial overhaul of its business.

‘For years Viagogo have acted in blatant disregard of consumer protection legislation. Surely they’ve now run out of road? It is time that the CMA take serious and urgent action, so that even more genuine fans don’t become victims of this company.’

Photo by Yvette de Wit