Vote for winner of Attenborough remix competition

david attenborough remix competition

Join the public vote to decide the winner of PRS Foundation and Songlines’ David Attenborough field recording remix competition.

The competition, which launched in May, invited music creators to remix Gender Wayang, a field recording from Attenborough’s album, My Field Recordings from Across the Planet.

From over 300 submissions, six remixers have been shortlisted: Arca, Burland, Clism, Kottarashky, Alison Selby and Sally Street.

They were chosen by a judging panel including Attenborough himself, broadcaster and songwriter Cerys Matthews, Mercury Prize nominated artist Ghostpoet, electronic artist Hannah Peel, DJ and broadcaster Gilles Peterson and artist/producer Matthew Herbert.

The public have until 15 September to vote. Listen to the six shortlisted entries and decide your favourite at

The winner will be announced on 1 November and will receive an award at this year’s Songlines Music Awards ceremony which takes place at EartH, London, on 30 November.

As a direct result of the competition, and with the help of the gamelan community, the musicians featured in the original 1956 recording have been identified: Madé Gerindem, Madé Locong, Ketut Gerinding and Wayan Nyampuh.  Their descendants, who live in the same village, Teges Kanginan in Bali, are now receiving royalties from sales of Attenborough’s album.

Attenborough said: ‘I am so pleased that royalties for the gamelan piece which I recorded 50 years ago in a small village in Bali will be going to the descendants of the musicians who performed it.

‘That is not only a tribute to the good intentions of the folk at Songlines but proof of the high artistry and musicianship of the gamelan players who produced such a splendid and recognisable performance.’

Paul Geoghegan, publishing director of Songlines, said: ‘The reaction to the remix competition has been incredible but we never expected it to lead us to the descendants of the musicians Sir David recorded in 1956.

‘I’d like to thank Sir David and his fellow panelists and our partners PRS Foundation for all their support throughout the competition. I have to say how relieved I am that we’re leaving the choice of the winner to the public!’