Women in music event round-up

Elizabeth Sankey, Summer CampLast week, PRS for Music hosted a roundtable with Summer Camp’s Elizabeth Sankey (left), electronic artist and composer Mira Calix and Gaggle Choir’s Deborah Coughlin. We went along to cover the event.

The session brought together women from across the music industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing females in the business and was moderated by Sophie Heawood, VICE columnist and writer for The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and NME.

It’s main aims were to explore the role of women in songwriting, production, management and PR and address imbalances across the industry.

Women have dominated the music charts over recent years but PRS for Music’s membership of over 95,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers is only 13 percent female.

Meanwhile the latest statistics from Creative & Cultural Skills also show that the divide across all music industry related jobs is 67.8 percent male to 32.2 percent female.

In our first video, you can hear Mira, Deborah and Elizabeth discussing the role of women songwriters and their efforts to grapple with outmoded stereotypes and male-dominated hierarchies. They also examine why the percentage of female PRS for Music members might be so low…