Because acquires Beta Band back catalogue

beta band heroes to zeroes

The Because Group has acquired the back catalogue of Scottish psychedelic pop outfit The Beta Band.

The deal is part of the Parlophone divestment agreed between Warner Music Group and Merlin/IMPALA, and includes albums The Three EPs (1998), The Beta Band (1999), Hot Shots II (2001) and Heroes To Zeros (2004).

It also includes two King Biscuit Time EPs, a solo project of Steve Mason’s.

The group plan to reissue The Beta Band and King Biscuit Time material via their frontline label, Because Music.

Mason, who still writes, records and releases under his own name, said: ‘I am delighted that the Beta Band catalogue has found a place on an independent record label. I think that Because Music is a perfect home for our hard work and endeavours. Bon voyage Beta Banditos.’

Richard Greentree, also from The Beta Band, said: ‘It is a happy day indeed finalising this deal with Because.  The opportunity the divestment process has presented for many artists, to revitalise and re-promote their works has been an interesting, exciting and unexpected one.

‘The outcome for the Beta Band, of finding a great deal, with the best suited and hottest record label of the moment, shows just how exciting and unexpected it gets.’

In addition to the acquisition, Because Music UK recently won Independent Label of the Year at the 2017 AIM Awards.

In August, Because announced it had acquired Warner Music 90, encompassing the majority of the catalogue formerly known as London Records, from Warner Music Group in part of the same Parlophone divestment process.


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