Gary Numan signs to Big Deal Music

gary numan music

Gary Numan has signed an exclusive deal with indie publisher Big Deal Music to represent his work.

The eighties electronic icon continues to write and record new material and tour around the world, and is set to release an EP on 9 November.

In 1979 he recorded Are Friends Electric with his band Tubeway Army on a shoestring, creating one of synth-pop’s finest moments and influencing a generation of musicians from Juan Atkins to Kanye West.

The track was swiftly followed by Cars, Numan’s international number one single that went on to define electronic music as a popular commercial entity.

Commenting on the signing, Damon Booth, vp of A&R and client services said: ‘Gary Numan’s influence extends far beyond Cars, which still stands as one of music’s defining new wave singles. Over a career that spans four decades, Gary’s output has been and continues to be incredibly impressive. We are so proud to be working with him here at Big Deal.’

Numan’s discography has grown to include scores of studio albums and groundbreaking collaborations, while his influence on electronica and industrial music has gone from strength to strength.

In May 2017, he received the coveted Ivor Novello Inspiration Award.

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