George Fenton signs deal with Universal Music Publishing

george fenton screen composer

Award-winning screen composer George Fenton (above, middle) has entered into a global administration deal with Universal Music Publishing Group.

Fenton began composing in 1975 and soon penned scores for lauded British theatre directors including Peter Gill, Adrian Noble and Richard Eyre.

He went on to receive Oscar nominations for the scores to Ghandi, Dangerous Liaisons, Cry Freedom, The Fisher King and Dangerous Beauty.

Fenton has also penned music to hit natural history series including The Blue Planet, Frozen Planet and Life in the Freezer, founded the Association of Professional Composers and is a member of the Royal Society of Music.

Fenton said: ‘Signing with Universal, I was happily anticipating all the benefits of being with a company as large as they are and with as much reach as they have. What I wasn’t at all prepared for was the level of personal involvement. The array of individual talent and commitment that drives the machine. Mike McCormack and everyone in the team in London (and those that I’ve met in LA too) have been so positive and so creative – not only about what’s come before – the catalogue – but also about what’s next. That’s a really great feeling for a writer.’

Mike McCormack, Universal Music Publishing UK managing director, added: ‘One of the great moments you get doing this job is that you occasionally meet a few of your idols that you’ve admired from a distance and from meeting them, you’re even more enamoured with their talent than you were just as a fan.

‘Working with George is one of those rare moments. We initially became friends and I was blown away by the volume and quality of the movies, TV and theatre work that he has composed throughout his career. I felt honoured when he chose us as his new publishing partner for his company, Shogun Music. We look forward to creating new opportunities for him creatively as well as administering his extraordinary body of work over the past 40 years.’